Turner South Syndicate


Turner South Syndicate is proud to publish SportsBuzzSource. TSS is a group of common interest people coming together in the sports news and entertainment world. Sports and Entertainment have always been an evolving hobby of ours. We take pride in researching the latest breaking news and presenting stories to readers as a quick reference. Sources are from multiple outlets scoured by our highly enthused team of researchers. Displaying a navigational friendly website, we are dedicated to exhibit the latest stories in sports and entertainment.

TSS is also very proud to announce a new partnership with mr Fox of, “Live from L.A. with mr Fox“.

mr Fox is a staple in the podcast community. His guest range from a very diverse variety. An abstract mind bringing the world of digital media his outlook and opinions on everyday as well as the not so ordinary life.

Stay up to date on the latest “Live from L.A. with mr Fox” podcasts here.

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