Sports News and mr Fox Podcasts

Turner South Syndicate is a newly formed company on the intentions of bringing the digital world of entertainment to the masses, small and large alike. We take pride in all of our endeavors, wether that be on the forefront or behind the curtain. We strive to make a quality product for your entertainment. Currently we are focused on sports news and podcasts.

Any suggestions or opinions on new fields or topics is always greatly appreciated, please use our Contact Us page under the TSS tab on homepage.

TSS is dedicated to having all your favorite sports in one site. All sports have their own sites, but sometimes searching site after site is too time consuming. The Sports News Hub is a site to access all the latest in sports news and more. Click on any of the menu items in the header to view latest news, schedules, scores, ticket information, and more. Please, feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you would like to have the site improved.

Please  check out our official sports news site Sports Buzz Source.

TSS is also very proud to announce a new partnership with mr Fox of, “Live from L.A. with mr Fox“.

mr Fox is a staple in the podcast community. His guest range from a very diverse variety. An abstract mind bringing the world of digital media his outlook and opinions on everyday as well as the not so ordinary life.

Stay up to date on the latest “Live from L.A. with mr Fox” podcasts here.


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